In the early 2000’s, WordPress templates became the go-to solution for web designers seeking a cost-effective way of creating professionally designed websites that were nonetheless affordable for small-business clients.

Nowadays, the template approach is giving way to the modular authoring system solution. In the case of the latter, designers still have access to full-page pre-built layouts, but each component of the given layout is both fully customizable and interchangeable. In this blog post and several to follow, I will highlight the types of pre-built modular layouts that can serve as beautiful starting points for custom website designs. See something you like? Let me know!

Home Page Sample #1

To speed development, entire generic layouts can be used, as well as any individual section and/or component.


We create modern, fully responsive, visually appealing, Google-friendly websites for small businesses


Introduction to–
RichLaur Media
Website Design


RichLaur Media can quickly and affordably author a landing page site or a full-featured site for your business or eCommerce store.


We excel at identifying your company’s unique strengths and transforming that data into a compelling branded online presence.


We’ve also discovered that many companies are loath to write their own copy; we can write compelling and SEO-targeted copy for you.


We enjoy working cooperatively with our clients to achieve a compelling web presence that reflects their business’ core identity.

Sample Video Presentation

If you have promotional videos we’ll use them. If you need such content, we’ll shoot and edit and promote on YouTube and on your site.

What We Offer.
Our Skills.

First and foremost, we offer visually compelling, yet affordable, website design and development using the enormously popular WordPress content management system.

Leveraging WordPress (the #1 content management system of the web), we can offer websites that are reasonable in cost, yet feature-rich and SEO-friendly. And once created, proactive clients can update and even add new blog content without incurring any further development costs.

  • Non-responsive legacy website: 20% effective 20%
  • Modern design responsive website: 60% effective 60%
  • All of above plus authority site BACKLINKS: 90% effective! 90%

Our Clients

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