Given the inexorable trend in the publishing industry away from print and towards all things digital, we  decided to take a spin at authoring an iPad magazine, namely Yonder Magazine. We now share the view that authoring magazine content solely for the relatively closed ecosystem of the Apple iPad is not prudent. We believe a better approach for would-be magazine publishers is the creation of web/blog content that is responsive, hence generally optimized for all devices, including iPads.

This approach has three principle benefits: 1) the magazine content is then  accessible to any Internet-enabled device and; 2) the considerable expense required to maintain an on-going NewsStand app is not required and; 3) content can be instantly accessed via a link or Google search versus the more onerous process of locating the app within NewsStand and then awaiting a significant download. Finally, web/blog content invites user commenting and other forms of feedback and participation, which is part and parcel of any grass-roots ascent by a startup to online prominence.

So, while we don’t anticipate authoring more issues of Yonder, we are proud of the graphical design elements viewable via the link below–

 Click here for four full-screen demo screens from the Yonder Magazine iPad app!