RichLaur Media LLC is currently in negotiations with some of America’s leading cruise lines to produce iPad TravelBooks for their promotional purposes.

Given the cost, inefficiency and environmental impact of producing lavish paper-based travel brochures, etc., the industry is turning its attention to all manners of digital media. iPad Travelbooks afford a prospective customer a visually stunning walk-through of possible destinations, cruise ship amenities and accommodations, sumptuous dining options and more! Similarly, travel agents can utilize iPad TravelBooks in their customer engagement and marketing efforts.

Given the ability to easily plug an iPad into any large-screen HDTV and/or any modern LCD projector, iPad TravelBooks can become fantastic demo tools for any group gathering (e.g., Alaska Cruise Night, Caribbean Cruise Night, etc.). And iPad TravelBooks are easily disseminated, as they can be Emailed to prospective travel clients and posted as a free download on the Apple App Store or on any website.

In fact, IF YOU’RE ON YOUR iPad right now, then click here to download a sample TravelBook devoted to Azamara Club Cruises!!